As we all know some people who have a runescape account had been luckily chosen to access to the beta for weekends from 7th July. By playing in this RuneScape Evolution of Combat Beta they found some new abilities: Basic, Threshold and Ultimates!
These 3 levels of abilities are available for melee, ranged and magic users. As gamers progress, leveling up Defence, Attack, Strength, Magic , Ranged and Constitution gamers can open the plentiful Abilities and as we all know that will be very helpful for various situations. These new Abilities are used to replace the Special Attacks which were restricted to certain weapons in former runescape.

In runescape, every can use the basic Abilities which are useful in daily combat. These will include attacks that have a chance to stun and interrupt spell casting, or hit multiple targets, apply damage over time effect like poison, do a critical hit, temporarily reduce damage taken, and lots of!

Threshold Abilities are more powerful than Basic Abilities. These attacks will include multiple attacks in quick succession such as rapid fire, area of effect damage, damage reflection, multi spell casting, and plenty of other options to give you a wide selection of strategic abilities at your grasp!

Ultimate Abilities are ultimate in power! They are incredibly powerful and represent a devastating way to destroy your enemies with ease! These abilities include a range of damaging attacks such as Meteor Strike, Deadshot, and Tsunami as well as lifesaving effects that could completely turn the fight around!
Benefit from such new abilities, people who play the runescape generally have more interesting in playing and enjoying the exciting combat. Gamers will have more freedom and choices about what to wield and which abilities are more useful for the situation because some of the more popular and special Attacks will be adapted for the new system.

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