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Farmer100 is a famous virtual goods seller providing special services for online game players all around the world. Farmer100 now has farmer100 live chat to help the customers who want to buy or sell farmer100 runescape goods on farmer100. Every day, the farmers in farmer100 are buying in proving the best service for farmer100 customers, such as purchasing farmer100 runescape gold, farmer100 runescape accounts and so on.

Farmer100 has more than 100 thousand customers all around the world since 2007. After communicating with some customers of farmer100, farmer100 knows there is potential safety hazard in virtual goods transaction. With the popularity of online games, virtual good is on longer a strange word to farmer100 and us. Now more and more players try to survive in games and start to participate in virtual goods transactions. The expand demands of virtual goods has promoted the developments of virtual goods market. Farmer100 is also a company intending to provide the suitable goods for game players.

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If you are one of runescape players, you need to pay attention to the security of your account. As there are some websites, like farmer100, providing the platforms for rs players to make some money by selling their accounts, some one begins to hack the accounts. Some farmer100 customers often ask how to protect their farmer100 runescape accounts. Now, farmer100 is going to give you some tips to protect your runescape account.