It’s easy to get your farmer100 account banned if you pay for power leveling, because it breaks the TOS- Blizzard’s Terms of Service agreement. So a power leveling service provider is a scam that you should not choose to believe in them.

There are some reasons why people are willing to pay some money to play world of warcraft. One is that it takes a long time to get to the maximum level cap. Some may just join in the game while their friends are all at the maximum level. They will realize it’s going to be worthwhile before they can actually play with their friends. Suppose you are in that condition, would you like to pay someone else to level your wow account up quickly while you’re at school or at work? That’s why some people do.

The other is because some players just simply don’t like the process of leveling up. So they want to use a power leveling service. But be aware, power leveling up service scams you and your account will get banned at once.

Blizzard knows the information of your account .The majority of power leveling services use multiple locations and there are many people to level the account up. Every time an account is used, Blizzard makes note of the IP address. So if Blizzard sees that the account is played in different locations and different IP frequently, then your account will be banned for violation of the TOS.

If you get your account banned without realizing it and want it back to use, you have to call Blizzard. The best saying is that your account was hacked and then they will probably unlock it for you whether they believe you or not. Do remember to change the password, and all other information on your account. Or the power leveling service will scam and hack your account. They will steel your account information or in-game items.

My suggestion for you is to level up by yourself. There are many ways to gain experience. It’s not just about questing or killing lots of mobs over and over any more. Most of the quest lines at lower levels have been completely revamped to make them faster, and they give more experience than they originally did. If you don’t particularly enjoy questing, you have the option to level in dungeons using the dungeon finder tool to get groups fast, or do battlegrounds and hone those PvP skills and rack up honor points.

Well, if you are a brand new player, you can register for a free account and level up by questing. When you are skilled, you can choose to buy a new and nice account to enjoy world of warcraft to the most with your friends. Maybe farmer100 is a best choice.